Developed to meet the needs of a beginning 4-10 year old drummer. The Pocket Kit is a must have. ALL-INCLUSIVE package!

  • 14 hardware all in one package
  • Designed for 4-10 year old drummers
  • Affordable for most families
  • Exclusive Set by Questlove
  • Free Introductory Lessons*

The Pocket Kit Website

What’s In The Box

16″ Bass Drum 10″ Tom Tom
13″ Floor Tom 12″ Snare Drum
Foot Pedal Hi Hat Stand
Cymbal Arm Snare Stand
Drum Throne Drum Sticks
Drum Key Heads
Hi Hats Crash/Ride Cymbal


Available in Black Sparkle (016), Wine Red Sparkle (025) and White Sparkle (028).

Ludwig Breakbeats Series Ludwig Jr. Series