Stefan Lehmann is the drummer of the german folk/rock band Torfrock. He lives in Hamburg, Germany.

With over 20 years of experience in the music industry Stefan Lehmann has performed live on stage and was opener for acts such as Nazareth, Status Quo, Carlene Carter, Die Toten Hosen and many more. Stefan began as a little 9 years old drummer boy in a marching band and started late to play drums as he was 16 years old. First engagements were melodic metal bands and plenty of hard rock bands. He gained experiences in Blues and Country before his professional career started with the German rock band Ohrenfeindt all over the country. After 5 years with Ohrenfeindt and as support band for Torfrock he changed 2010 to this very popular band in Germany. Stefan Lehmann is also a producer and songwriter.


Ludwig Centennial
16×24 Bass Drum
10×13 Tom Tom
16×16 Floor Tom
16×18 Floor Tom
6.5×14 Black Beauty Snare
Atlas Pro Hardware
Snare Stand Pro LAP22SS
Bass Drum Pedal Pro LAP15FP
Hi-Hat Stand Pro LAP16HH
Cymbal Stand Straight LAP27CS
Boom Cymbal Stand LAP37BCS
Drum Throne Saddle LAP50TH
Istanbul Cymbals
Istanbul Agop Traditional 18” Dark Crash
Istanbul Agop Traditional 20” Dark Crash
Istanbul Agop Traditional 15” Medium Hi-Hat
Istanbul Agop Traditional 20” China
Istanbul Agop Traditional 22” Original Ride