As organic in looks as it is in sound! 

The new raw brass features an un-plated 1mm brass shell to achieve a very unique “earthy” look. Everything you love about a Black Beauty with just enough dry response and an unforgettable look. These shell do not receive a sealer coat so it will oxidize even further as time goes on. This proses make each one truly have an identity of it’s own!

Features a 1.2mm Seamless Brass Un-plated Shell, 2.3mm Steel Triple Flanged Hoops, P88 Throw-Off, P35 Butt-Plate, Ludwig Weather Master Medium Coated Head, Ludwig Weather Master Clear Snare Side head and 10 lugs.

LB454R 5×14″ Imperial Lugs
LB464R 6.5×14″Imperial Lugs
LB484R 8×14″Imperial Lugs

Ludwig Hammered Brass Ludwig Bronze Phonic