The primary products are the QSticks®, the QSticks® Whisper and the QSticks® Conversation: revolutionary new drumsticks or rods (also known as dowel rods or hot rods), which are used to play at lower volume levels.
The main advantages of the different models of the QSticks® are the versatility in sounds and the durability of the rods.

QSticks Pricelist 2018

Whisper 7A
Material: White Birch (USA) The softest model of the QSticks. It sounds like a brush, but just a little bit stronger. Great soft sound on cymbals. For that real “whispery” sound. QSticks Conversation Natural 55A QSticks Yellow 55A
Yellow 55A
Material: Beech (NL) A bit stronger on cymbals, with more high tones compared to the QSticks Whisper, especially when used with rimshots. QSticks Whisper 7A QSticks Red 5B
Red 5B
Material: Beech (NL) Stronger in sound than the QSticks Yellow. Because of the revolutionary triangular grip, the broad side of the top hits the drumhead, giving a much fuller sound. QSticks Yellow 55A QSticks Blue 5A
Blue 5A
Material: Beech (NL) A great “pointy and funky” sound. Beautiful round sound on toms, articulate on cymbals, great on the snare with rimshots. QSticks Red 5B QSticks Purple 2B
Purple 2B
Material: Scandinavian Maple (EU) The thickest QSticks with the highest volume. but still a lot lower in volume than conventional drumsticks. A sound that lies between real drumsticks and rods but a lot “warmer”. The QSticks Purple have an amazing sound on toms – one you never heard before! QSticks Blue 5A QSticks Conversation Colored […]
Conversation Colored 55A
Material: White Birch (USA) The same rods as the successful QSticks Whisper, but double the amount: 74 rods in one pair! They have a beautiful warm sound just like the QSticks Whisper, but more body. Less high tones, more “gritty” and a little more “solid” compared to the Conversation Natural. QSticks Purple 2B QSticks Conversation […]
Conversation Natural 55A
Material: White Birch (USA) The same amount of rods as the Conversation Colored. Because of a different sleeve positioning they have an unbelievable “gritty”sound and come closer to a heavy brush. This makes them ideal for cajon players! They also have a great warm sound on toms. QSticks Conversation Colored 55A QSticks Whisper 7A