Concert Frame Pro-Portable Rosewood

The portable professional xylophone from Musser features triple-tuned rosewood bars. To bring out the natural beauty of the wood, the bars are lightly stained and lacquered. Detachable resonators are silver powder coated aluminum for durability and scratch resistance. The 3.5-octave rosewood xylophone has a wood frame with folding aluminum legs and five position height adjustments.


Concert Frame Pro-Portable Kelon

The Pro-Portable xylophone features Musser exclusive Kelon® bars which resist changes in temperature and humidity to maintain tonal quality and dynamic response. The 3.5- octave xylophone has silver powder coated seamless aluminum resonators.With excellent portability features, the xylophone adapts to any environment. Detachable resonators and folding aluminum legs on the wood concert frame make it easy to transport.


Concert Frame Elite

The Elite xylophone also features the exclusive 3-octave Kelon® bars. Ideal for students, the Elite hand tuned resonators deliver superb tone and resonance. With folding aluminum legs and lightweight concert frame, the Elite is extremely portable.


Case Only Piccolo

The Piccolo xylophone features the exclusive 3-octave Kelon® bars with hand tuned resonators to deliver superb tone and resonance. Case is constructed to take the wear and tear of travel and keep instruments safe. Designed with tough, durable materials, padding, metal corners, and heavy duty straps.



The ULTIMATE series keyboards feature a brand new cart design and the same legendary Musser sound you’ve grown accustomed to. The ULTIMATE carts feature 1.5” steel tubing with a pneumatic strut height adjustment and an accessory rail that’s easily removable for indoor performances. Adjustable in length, the ULTIMATE carts are adaptable to fit any Musser or competitor keyboard with ease.