Legacy Classic Mahogany Series

The most sought after drum tone returns, and an American Legend is reborn. The Ludwig Legacy Mahogany series is a return of the shell that was the core of Ludwig drums for over 50 years. Handcrafted in Monroe, NC, the 3-ply Mahogany/Poplar/Mahogany shell with solid 1″ thick maple reinforcement rings utilizes a process refined through a century of drum manufacturing. The result is a tone with rich sonic warmth that only Ludwig can produce. Ludwig Legacy Mahogany is truly the best of yesterday, today, and tomorrow.


Warm dark tones. Bold bottom end combined with soft mids and highs


1/16″ Mahogany Outer Ply, 1/8″ Poplar Core Ply, 1/16″ Mahogany Inner Ply with 1/4″ Solid Maple Reinforcement Rings.

The key to Legacy’s classic tone begins with a cross-laminated American Poplar center ply to lend focus to the warm rich low-end “woody” tones of inner/outer Mahogany plies. This unique shell combination is further stabilized by a specially rounded bearing edge with 1″ solid maple reinforcement rings.

Bearing Edge

30 Degree inner cut with a 1/4″ radius round over

Producing a pure, well-rounded sonic footprint, Legacy Series revives the distinctive sound that set the standard for popular music throughout the 20th Century.


Suggested Configurations:

Jazzette BD 14×18, FT 14×14 and TT 8×12
Downbeat BD 14×20, FT 14×14 and TT 8×12
FAB BD 14×22, FT 16×16 and TT 9×13
Pro Beat BD 14×24, FT 16×16 and TT 9×13
MOD BD 18×22, FT 16×16, TT 8×10 and TT 9×12
Studio BD 14×22, FT 14×14, FT 16×16, TT 7×10 and TT 8×12