Istanbul Agop Ion Dark Series

A darker, more dry take on the Xist Ion Series

The 15″ Xist Ion Dark Hi Hats are crisp, and cutting yet still dark. A great compliment to electronic instruments live or in the studio.


The Ion Dark crashes have a darker attack with a more quick decay. Remarkably versatile.


   The Ion Dark ride has extremely articulate sticking with a subtle crash and strong bell.


The Ion Dark Trash is an even more dynamic and complex take on the series. Fast response with a very quick decay.


Sterling Rides

  The 20″ Sterling Crash Ride is designed to be distinctly modern yet rooted in classic cymbal sounds of the 1960’s. Clear, articulate sticking, a prominent bell with warm and full crash.


  The 22″ Sterling Crash Ride, rooted in the classic cymbal sounds of the 1960’s, is designed to be highly versatile as both a ride and a crash. Crisp articulate sticking, with a mellow dark wash and crash.


Clap Stack (3 piece Stack – 11″ + 13″ + 15″)

The Istanbul Agop Clap Stack is a uniquely shaped and tempered trio of cymbals designed to create a tactile, acoustic reproduction of analog 8 bit handclap samples that have been an integral part of music for generations. Decay can be adjusted by loosening or tightening your cymbal felts and wing nuts. Design with Agop artist Trevor Lawrence, Jr.


Agop Signature Rides

  A medium weight version of the iconic Agop Signature ride. Bringing the series back to its roots, the Agop Signature Medium Ride is weighted at the original specification from when the cymbal was first introduced. Available only in 22″.


  23″ Agop Signature Ride. Dry stick definition with warm and complex overtones. Mellow crashride capabilities.