Having a similar sonic quality to the Black Beauty but at a higher pitch, Ludwig’s 5×14″ and 6.5×14″ Brass models are hammered using the same process as Ludwig Timpani to expand their playable range. Though each has a similar hammering pattern, no two are exactly alike and vary slightly in tonality.

Features a 1.2mm Seamless Hammered Brass Shell, 2.3mm Steel Triple Flanged Hoops (Optional Die-Cast), P85AC Throw-Off, P35 Butt-Plate, Ludwig Weather Master Medium Coated Head, Ludwig Weather Master Clear Snare Side head, 10 lugs.

LB420BKT 5×14″ Hammered Shell, Tube Lugs
LB422BKT 6.5×14″ Hammered Shell, Tube Lugs

Ludwig Chrome-over-Brass Ludwig Raw Brass Phonic