is an independent Belgian professional drummer. He started learning to play drums from 8 years old at the Academia Gretry of Liege, where he did 10 years of classical percussion … Then he had more private lessons with some famous drummers in Belgium, and he did some stage in France with great names of French battery. In 20 years he has started playing in some clubs from Belgium with other musicians and artists. He also used to play with singers, bands, festival, TV shows. He became an outstanding drummer of the Belgian music scene. He likes pop, soul, funk, R’n’B, Jazz & Latin music. He also works several times for studios with various artists. He worked in TV broadcasts on the canals of Belgium but also France, Italie, Holland, Germany and Luxembourg and China. He played with french and belgian artists ( Lââm, Faudel, Axel Red, I Muvrini, Frederic Francois, Philippe Lafontaine, Plastic Bertrand, Wendy Nazaré, Silvano Macaluso, Jean-François Maljean, Helmut Lotti, William Dunquer, Liane Foly, Jean-Louis Daulne ….. and many more ). He also teach drum in a Private Music school of Belgium.