With close to 100 years’ experience building copper timpani, the newest member to the Ludwig USA snare drum range is the Copper Phonic snare drum. High Volume performance with complete focus and dark-low qualities, the Copper Phonic is the next best in Ludwig’s Phonic tone pallet. A true legend in the making.

Features a 1.2mm Seamless Copper Shell, 2.3mm Triple Flange Hoops, P85AC Throw-Off, P35 Butt-Plate, Ludwig Weather Master Medium Coated Head, Ludwig Weather Master Clear Snare Side head and 10 lugs.

LC660 5×14″ Smooth Shell, Imperial Lugs
L660T 5×14″ Smooth Shell, Tube Lugs
LC660K 5×14″ Hammered Shell, Imperial Lugs
LC660KT 5×14″ Hammered Shell, Tube Lug
LC661 5×14″ Raw Shell, Imperial Lugs
LC661T 5×14″ Raw Shell, Tube Lugs
LC662 6.5×14″ Smooth Shell, Imperial Lugs
L662T 6.5×14″ Smooth Shell, Tube Lugs
LC662K 6.5×14″ Hammered Shell, Imperial Lugs
LC662KT 6.5×14″ Hammered Shell, Tube Lug
LC663 6.5×14″ Raw Shell, Imperial Lugs
LC663T 6.5×14″ Raw Shell, Tube Lugs
LC608R 8×14″ Raw Shell, Imperial Lugs

Ludwig Supraphonic Ludwig Chrome-over-Brass