Keeping in the traditions of the “Phonic Series” Drum Ludwig’s Bronze Phonic snare drums offer a wide range of tuning options.

The 1.2mm seamless bronze shell offers a unique blend of the metal snare pop and projection, with all of the warmth you get from using a softer darker bronze alloy.

The Bronze Phonic series is must add to any drummers snare drum collection.

Features a 1.2mm Seamless Bronze Shell, 2.3mm Steel Triple Flanged Hoops, P85AC Throw-Off, P35 Butt-Plate, Ludwig Weather Master Medium Coated Head, Ludwig Weather Master Clear Snare Side head and 10 lugs.

LB550 5×14″ Smooth Shell, Imperial Lugs
LB550T 5×14″ Smooth Shell, Tube Lugs
LB550K 5×14″ Hammered Shell, Imperial Lugs
LB550KT 5×14″ Hammered Shell, Tube Lug
LB552 6.5×14″ Smooth Shell, Imperial Lugs
LB552T 6.5×14″ Smooth Shell, Tube Lugs
LB552K 6.5×14″ Hammered Shell, Imperial Lugs
LB552KT 6.5×14″ Hammered Shell, Tube Lugs
LB508K 8×14″ Hammered Shell, Imperial Lugs

Ludwig Raw Brass Phonic Ludwig Acrolite