Born in 1984, Benedikt Stehle’s style is best described as “deep pocket groove meets energetic musical energy”. He has lived in New York and Los Angeles, participating in both of their music scenes after studying at the Berklee College of Music in Boston and the LA College of Music in Los Angeles both on full Scholarships.
Since the age of 17, he has been a part of international studio productions, big tours, and TV shows playing drums,percussion and singing backing vocals for artists such as: Beth Hart, Fanfare Ciocarlia, Barbara Tucker, Sandhy Sondoro, Della Miles, The Weather Girls, Drum Connection, Anastacia, Morten Harket (A-HA), Gogol Bordello, Fetsum and many more.
As well as touring around the Globe he is regularly recording for the music and movie industry as an experienced studio musician.
Benedikt is based in Berlin, Germany.


  • Fanfare Ciocarlia
  • Sandhy Sondoro


Ludwig Drums Set-Up:

Studio: Live:
Ludwig Classic Maple Drums Ludwig Vistalite Clear Drums
24″ Bass Drum 24″ Bass Drum
12″ Tom 13″ Tom
15″ Floor Tom 16″ Floor Tom
18″ Floor Tom 18″ Floor Tom
6×14″ Black Beauty 14″ Snare
8×14″ Coliseum
6.5×14″ Supraphonic
5.5×14″ Classic Maple
3×13″ Handhammered Brass Piccolo


All Istanbul Agop Cymbals:

Studio: Live:
16″ Traditional Thin Hi Hat 15″ Mantra Hi Hat
22″ Traditional Dark Crash 20″ Mantra Crash
24″ Traditional Dark Crash 22″ Mantra Ride
24″ Traditional Dark Ride
Sometimes also:
 13″ Traditional Hi Hat